The Well

Our mission at The Well is to help transform Thailand through reaching sex industry workers and others at risk, training them as leaders, and sending them to reach others.

Begun in 2005, The Well is a safe community for women and teens who have experienced sexual violence, exploitation, or trafficking, or are at high risk for these. Many women who join have multiple obstacles that prevent healthy functioning, including complex trauma, addiction, or physical or mental illness. The Well provides holistic opportunities for personal and family healing, education, vocational development, and growth. We want to see women and families not only safe, but thriving, ready to help others do the same.

Women also experience true community, safety, and love at The Well, many for the first time in their lives. With this combination of individualized care and loving, safe community, we’re able to go deep and in many cases, witness genuine transformation.

Building someone into a Jesus-following healer, especially one who has learned hurtful ways of living and thinking, is a long, intensive process. Like Jesus, we must go far beyond sharing information. Entire world views must be unlearned and rebuilt. This takes years, but we believe it is the only way for lasting change to happen.

At The Well Community, we stay with people as they become healers.

Equip Thai people to protect the vulnerable and heal their society.